Visningsstadning Stockholm – Städfirma Falk

Visa ditt hem från dess bästa sida Ska du sälja din bostad? Vi fräschar upp inför visning och fotografering, så att ditt hem ser så bra ut som möjligt. En nystädad bostad som luktar gott ökar dina möjligheter till en lyckad försäljning. Visningsstädning Stockholm utförs enligt en checklista, eller enligt dina önskemål. Vi rekommenderar även […]

Eucalyptus and Mimosa – Portugal’s Australian problem

Just had two weeks in central Portugal, near Coimbra. The Iberian peninsula is not somewhere I am that familiar with, but would increasingly like to be. It is home to some 6,000 native flowering plant species, scattered over an amazingly wide range of habitats. A brief foray into Spain last spring made me feel very […]

Would you trust a seed swap seed?

Its February, so it must be seed swap time again! Seed swaps have been growing in popularity for some years now. The best known one in Britain is Brighton’s Seedy Sunday. The events are an excuse for a get-together for gardeners apart from anything else, and since gardening often is a rather solitary activity, this […]